shri swaminarayan mandir / yes, this exists in california / 8.9.15

Soooo...this was amazing. I found this beautiful building on Instagram, of course, and knew it needed to be my "go somewhere new" one weekend soon. Every angle of this Mandir is beautiful, and I love how the color changes so drastically based on the light. 

Mandir, meaning place of worship, is a place for spirituality and peace. The experience upon entering the Mandir is both authentic, and breathtaking. No pictures are allowed inside, but even if they were I wouldn't want to spoil the amazing surprise when you enter, it literally took my breathe away- just for a second. It is impossible to express the beauty of the interior as well as the exterior of the building through photos, and I really felt like I was in another country the entire time. They stay true to respecting the building, as well as the culture, and ask that you take off your shoes, as well as come modestly dressed. 

It really is bizarre though, this little slice of Heaven is located right off the freeway, and I couldn't stop laughing when we drove up because it is SO SURPRISING. Not only that it exists in California (Chino Hills to be exact), but that it is in such a random location off the 71. 

All kidding aside, this place is REALLY worth a visit. I can't express enough how eye-opening of an experience it was, and just to be so heavily immersed in a different culture, in the LA area, was amazing. Not only is the Mandir beautiful, but the Visitors Center is also definitely worth a visit. All the carving of the Mandir was done by hand, and transported from India, to Chino freaking Hills..I mean..COME ON, IT'S CRAZY AWESOME. And wrapping the day up with a Mango Lassi means, it was a success.