why did we pick the hottest day in LA / 9.26.15

So, my friend Delta and I were SUPER excited to have a day of adventure in LA: first- breakfast at Dinette, followed by a photo day to check out the installation of the MacArthur Park Spheres. The day was so wonderful, except for the wave of heat that wasn't letting up- and MacArthur Park has...like...no shade. But it does have popsicles- which made the day that much better. 

Dinette is one of those places I have had on my list of "cool things to do in LA, that I never have time to do because I'm always camping"- so, we thought it would be fun to check out. Let me just say, the hype is well deserved- my coffee, waffle, and bacon were delish- and the retro vibe of Dinette was so freaking cute (but Echo Park in general is so freaking cute, so, there's that).

We probably spent about an hour braving the horrific heat, taking our pictures and walking around the park. I really liked the colorful installation- and how one of the goals was to bring people together in this park, that doesn't get a lot of foot traffic from LA-goers usually. I also loved going with my friend Delta, because we are both bloggers- and I can ask her to "stand there", or "hold up your popsicle in this awkward position"- without feeling dumb- it's just what we do (check out her post for this day too, it turned out great!). Overall, it was a super fun day- that is; of course, aside from the large quantity of birds that kept on swarming around me (I have this irrational fear of birds, and them flying towards my face and poking my eyes out with their beaks- so parks can be scary sometimes). BUT, I was able to set aside my fear (temporarily), and get close-ish to the birds (primarily for photo taking purposes, of course). This just shows that you can not only GO SOMEWHERE NEW, but you can face something that scares and challenges you too!