weekend in san fran / 4.3.15

Our first day in San Francisco was spent doing a million things...all of which were AMAZING.

Heath Ceramics was our first stop of the day...no I did not want to buy ceramics first thing in the morning...I needed coffee...yes NEEDED. There is a Blue Bottle Coffee within the Heath Ceramics building in the Mission District, which was the area we stayed. My latte was heaven..I pretty much chugged it, which obviously is not the ultimate goal when you just spent 5 bucks on a small latte..but desperate times...ya know. Besides, I was distracted by the perfectly earthy ceramics that surrounded us as we chugged, ahem, sipped our coffee. 

Other events of the day included: being touristy and taking pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge, being touristy and visiting the Palace of Fine Arts, being touristy and visiting Andy Goldsworthy's art in the Presidio, and being touristy and taking pictures of the Painted Ladies. But, besides that, we weren't tourists for the rest of the day! 

First day was full of beautiful sunshine, and lots of exploring new things. Which is the best kind of day.