that one time i got engaged in joshua tree / 10.29.15-10.31.15

So, of course I've been to Joshua Tree many times before; but each time I try to go on trails I've never been, and discover new things within Joshua Tree that are new to me. But more importantly, this trip was a special one, because, I got engaged! 

We drove into Hidden Valley Campground super early in the morning to get a spot; and got so lucky finding one- we made coffee and had breakfast before heading out for the day. We walked to the Chasm of Doom, which is a tunnel of rocks that ends at an outlook of all of Joshua Tree. WARNING: If you are scared of dark and confined spaces, I wouldn't recommend maneuvering yourself through the Chasm. But it was amazing in the morning light, and Ian surprised me by getting down on one knee once we got to the end. After that, we went into town so I could call all my family and friends, and we clinked little juice glasses, full of mimosa, in celebration of our engagement. 

The rest of the weekend was spent climbing, hiking, and staring at my new engagement ring (duh). Some of the highlights of this trip were: Keys View (which is a beautiful panoramic view of the Coachella Valley- just a 20 minute drive from Park Boulevard down Keys View Road, and well worth it), and Lost Horse Mine Trail (it was fairly easy to get to from Keys View- a moderate hike that leads you to an old gold mining sight). The coolest thing from this trip though, aside from my ring of course, was the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Art Museum. 

It was kind of eerie, the museum; I had that feeling the whole time that someone was watching me, even though no one except Ian and I were walking around the museum. Aside from this, the museum was super cool and I highly recommend checking it out. The map they provide is kind of confusing, but it provides you with descriptions behind some of the key pieces on display- which I found really interesting. And if you are't the artsy fartsy type- it's just a cool place to take trippy pictures in the desert (plus it's free, so basically, just go). Another successful J Tree trip!