sunshine in la jolla / 9.13.15

There are few things better than a beach day with your family, and one in San Diego is hard to beat. It's funny the things you appreciate when you get older, like where you're from is beautiful and should be explored more. La Jolla is an area of San Diego that EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT and for good reason- the beaches are some of the most beautiful in California (or at least that I've seen yet...). 

We explored Shell Beach, and kind of just moseyed up the coast walking through sea caves, and enjoying the temperature of the water- never wanting to take our feet out of the slightly cool relief of the ocean. The water was too high to explore the tide pools in depth, but I WILL go back when the water is low, and check out the tide pool situation. I recommend going to any beach in the La Jolla Shore area, because you really can't go wrong with all the beauty San Diego has to offer (that sounded SUPER TOURISTY, but whatever, it's true, it's there, and I said it).