saturdays are for hiking in malibu / 6.27.15

Driving down PCH is always one of my favorite things to do on a beautiful summer day, and on Saturday we drove down PCH to Solstice Canyon- a hiking trail in the Santa Monica Mountains, in Malibu. 

The best thing about this hike, are the little cottages along the way. Well- one was a cottage, the other was more of a mansion, but both burned down- and just the elements of both buildings remain. I love old, cobblestone buildings, THEY ARE SO FRICKIN' ADORABLE. Short history lesson: There are elements of both the houses still standing, and the Keller House is supposedly the oldest stone building in Malibu (end of history lesson). 

Because of the drought, the waterfall was very, very sad. But the water was still trickling, quite slowly, down the mossy, there's that. Even though the waterfall was disappointing, Malibu in general is always gorgeous, and it was a beautiful and relaxing Saturday.