so much love at the long beach pride festival / 5.17.15

Going to the Long Beach Pride Festival was one of the most positive experiences I have ever EVER. Everyone is just there to love you, and everyone else around you. There are very few places you can feel like this, which was why the experience was so unique.

Free hugs, free high fives, BUBBLES EVERYWHERE, and free sunscreen, is there anything that could make a person happier? It's hard to imagine. ALSO: everyone is beaming from ear to ear, looking beautiful, and there seems to be magic in the air; because everyone is free to be THEMSELVES. Which seems like a weird thing to say; I mean, you should be able to be yourself completely everyday; but, unfortunately, that's not really the world we live in- yet. This festival is so unique because you can be who you are and feel completely confident, no judgement, just love. Going home, my heart was so incredibly warm and full, I never wanted it to end, and was sad it had to. But when I look back at my pictures from Sunday, I get that feeling again. Thanks LB Pride, for bringing so many people a completely love-filled weekend. We need more of those, if you ask me!