projection l.a. / 5.5.15

ALL WHITE EVERYTHING at Projection LA, except for the little green that is begging to poke through the white paint that is starting to fade.

Projection LA is an amazing art instillation by Vincent Lamouroux, where the entire facade of Bates Motel is completely covered in white paint, including the palm trees! It is difficult to express the artist's full intent, but the statement that stood out to me the most explaining the reason for the instillation was "The urban space is disrupted". 

I really love the idea that if someone didn't know about this building in all of LA (which is hard to believe with the technology we now have), and they were just walking by, they would stop to look at this building, and consider it in a different way than any of the other buildings. When I was at the Motel taking pictures and absorbing it all, a man walked past me and said confusingly: "Hey! Do you know why this building is painted white?". At the time I thought it was SO weird that he would ask me, and I was thinking, how has he not heard about this? BUT, I feel like that was what the artist was really trying to do, stop people for just a second and get them outside of their heads, to see the purity of this blank white building. The symbolic moment just proved that the artist was successful in his vision, and I thank Vincent Lamouroux for creating this fun break in the middle of my week to get out and see something new!