piedra blanca in ojai / 11.15.15

Piedra Blanca, is a beautiful and easy hike in Ojai. To get out to the white, sandstone formations- it's about 2 1/2 miles total. The walk up to the formations is easy, slightly uphill and a bit of rocky terrain (which is slippery when wet).  There are lots of different variations of vegetation, and lookouts along the trail to take in the beauty of the Sespe Wilderness. It would have been a very enjoyable and relaxing hike; but for us, the thunder clouds rolled in very quickly, and the rain started. 

It just started with sprinkling- so we were like, okay; maybe we can make it back in time to not get rained on...Oh, we were so wrong. The rain came in so quickly, and so did the hail. We were caught in a hail storm on the way back to the car, we started walking as quick as we could, but trying not to run for fear of slipping on the wet rocks below our feet. We ended up making it back to the car-soaking wet. It definitely made this beautiful hike, a little more exciting.