perfect day in venice: no, not the italy one / 6.6.15

I want to live in one of the houses in the Venice canals, and stroll to Abbot Kinney every morning and grab an over-priced latte, and a danish that is way too many calories. If only I was a millionaire, and high calorie sugar treats didn't affect me, sigh. Well, a girl can dream. Basically, I love everything about Venice, and if I weren't trying to save money for future travels, life, and such, I would live in a little bungalow in Venice, and get to experience it everyday. 

On Saturday, we started our day a bit after lunch, and grabbed a meal at Gjelina- which is a restaurant I've been wanting to try for a while. Ian and I enjoyed delicious beers, broccolini, and a wood fired pizza with arugula, caramelized onions, and gruyere cheese. After out bellies were warm and full, we headed to Toms Roasting Company to get our caffeine fix before heading to the boardwalk. 

Strolling down to the beach, we passed through the canals and admired all the houses we aren't living in, and the little paddle boats we aren't floating in, but- maybe someday! Once we got to the boardwalk, it's hard to miss the infamous Venice sign, as well as muscle beach and the beachside basketball courts. We ended the day sipping on a guava limeade, from Lemonade. It was such a beautiful day spent in Venice, and can't wait to spend many more in the area.