oreos in idyllwild / 9.20.15

This was the kind of trip that consisted of a lot of reading, hiking, and eating Double-Stuffed Oreos, obviously. We camped in the Black Mountain area, in Idyllwild, at one of the yellow post sites- which are more remote. It was worth the drive up the mountain, be warned however; you MUST have 4 Wheel Drive to get to these sites.

Hansel (our van) was rockin' and rollin' over the rough road on the way up- I felt like I was on the Indiana Jones Ride at Disneyland- which isn't really a bad thing as long as you're in the right kind of vehicle. This area was also remote enough for me to try driving Hansel on my own, learning to drive stick shift is annoying and difficult- I just want to know how to do it already. Patience is a virtue I don't have a lot of, so the whole driving-Hansel-situation just seems impossible to me, yikes. But it was lots of fun challenging myself, and trying to learn something new (that I know SOMEDAY, I will get). 

As for the hiking part of this trip, the first day we just kind of did, I guess, a "lazy" hiking day- we walked to the fire lookout, which had a beautiful view- and I recommend to those who aren't super advanced hikers (it's just basically a 1 mile walk, uphill). The second day, we hiked part of the PCT, in the San Jacinto Mountain Area. We weren't prepared to hike all the way to the top, but even reaching the halfway point (which we just guesstimated ourselves) rewarded us with a beautiful view. It was another successful weekend: adventuring, camping, and hiking somewhere new; and yay to that, ALWAYS.