ojai for the fourth / 7.4.15

We spent the fourth exploring parts of Ojai new to me- including a nice little hike through Matilija Canyon. The day was hot, but the breeze was enough to make the day beautiful, and a great way to spend the holiday.

This was a great hike, full of different flowers and plant life I hadn't seen before, but unfortunately included A LOT of poison oak. Wearing shorts may not have been the best idea because of this, but hey, I'll know next time- the poison oak just looked way too eager to get its poison oakiness all over me, and I WAS NOT DOWN. 

But besides that, it was a great area worth exploring. There was a ranch house along the way, with a huge open cage full of peacocks and chickens (which I was so glad were enclosed...I'm deathly afraid of any type of bird- especially ones the same size as me).

After our hike, we headed into town and perused the adorable, and hip, Summer Camp. Let me just say, if retail stores were spirit animals, this would be mine. I loved everything about this store- I wanted to purchase everything, and drive it all away with me in the trailer parked outside. Well, I didn't get to it...maybe next time.