my first time, to the last bookstore / 7.24.15

This place is super cool, creepy, and fun all at the same time. The building used to be a bank, hence, the columns- and I love studying the layout of the place and thinking about what it used to be back in the day. There are quirky art elements through the whole space, I feel like even if I spent the whole day in here, I still wouldn't catch all the little offbeat clusters that scatter throughout.

There is also a cute little store on the second level called Fold, that has adorable... EVERYTHING. I mean, THAT PENNY FLOOR. Anyway, The Last Bookstore seems like no humans should be in it. I mean, everything looks sort of abandoned, like- if you removed all the people, it wouldn't look weird. The bookshelves, especially on the second floor, look as if someone left in a hurry and just took a bunch of random books along with them- kindaaaaaaa creepy. But that is just what adds to its awesomeness, including the great collections of records, and the little potted plants along the windowsill. They really know how to get you with all that hipster-esque greenery, and the whole hipster vibe in general. Like, The Last Bookstore is not trying to be cool, which is what makes it SO COOL. I'm sold. 

We went to lunch at Guisados which I've heard so many good things about. I'm a sucker for a place with fresh handmade tortillas, actually I'm a sucker for good mexican food, or like even kind of okay mexican food. But Guisados was so freakin' good, I WANT TO GO BACK A MILLION BA JILLION MORE TIMES, not to be dramatic or anything. I tried the sampler platter, and the Hibiscus iced tea which I am now obsessed with. It tasted like heaven- a pink, fruity, perfectly chilled, heaven. The perfect ending, to a perfect summer day.