mexico is my new favorite part 3 / 5.31.15

Our last day was my favorite- probably because it was the day we did the most shopping. We explored Rosarito and haggled for cheaper rugs and knick- knacks for Hansel (our van), while still managing to squeeze in a little beach time. 

ALL THE THINGS in Mexico are cheap, and awesome. I want them all, all the things- not to be redundant or anything. We came away with handwoven pine needle containers, a porcelain tortilla warmer, a poncho, a pair of huarache sandals, a dreamcatcher, yada yada yada...

We also bought fireworks and lit them off on a cliff above the beach- because ya' know, it is legal in Mexico. I was terrified at first, because I don't like fiery things shooting off in the vicinity of my face, but we were super safe and it ended up being really fun. The fireworks made for some really cool pictures in the end, including the blurry shots that I actually like the best. Til' next time Mexico- hasta luego, te amo.