mexico is my new favorite part 2 / 5.30.15

Day two in Mexico was spent waking up to a hazy morning. We walked down to the beach and enjoyed the quiet before a busy day at the fish market. We headed to Puerto Popotla a bit later in the day- this was after; of course, our daily dose of fish tacos, beans, and rice. 

When arriving at Puerto Popotla, a man was holding a crab that looked like it could poke my eye out and was also as big as my torso- not so much into that..BUT, there was so much awesome fresh fish to choose from, it was hard to narrow it down. So we got it all (crab, fish, and clams) and were able to grill them on our rooftop overlooking the beach when we got back home. Not a bad way to spend day two: eating my weight in fresh fish and crab.