mexico is my new favorite / 5.29.15

Because: SO.MANY.TACOS, lazy beach days, spanish tile galore, and last but certainly not least: almond flavored tequila (now I'm not sure how this may forever be a mystery, they could just put almond extract in cheap bottles of tequila and say it's gold, regardless- it tastes like little drops of heaven, and I want it). 

When we arrived at Las Gaviotas on Friday, it was still early in the day- and we spent most of it gawking at our beautiful home for the weekend (as you can tell by the array of photos I took of the amazingness of this place). It doesn't take a lot to make a place look charming, and feel homey- a prime example is this house. I NEVER WANTED TO LEAVE, and now I want to buy one. Great job Las Gaviotas, you win. 

It was a beautiful day, so we strolled down to the beach (which is private for only Las Gaviotas guests), then went into town for a bit of shopping and exploring local food. I bought a poncho for $8-standard, and now want to wear it every day. So moral of the story is- Mexico is awesome, and it wins.