jalama beach was so windy / 4.29.16-5.01.16

For my bachelorette party, my friends and I decided to camp on the beach at Jalama (which is north of Santa Barbara by about an hour). This was a place that was on my beach camping bucket list in California, and I was so excited to finally get to stay. I did end up making a reservation online, months in advance, which I recommend doing if you want to get a spot close to the ocean. 

The drive to the campsite, takes about a half hour on Jalama Beach Rd, but it goes quickly. The drive is beautiful (especially in the spring), when all the flowers are in bloom and everything is golden and green. We stopped along the way, as we discovered cute horsies, and a cool barn we took some cheesy bonding photos in front of. 

Jalama Beach County Park is a very popular place for families with kids, teens, and they are dog friendly! The park has very minimal WIFI (meaning, it's there, but is VERY spotty). They are also known for the Jalama Burger, which we didn't try because I had a friend that flew in from out of town and, In-N-Out took precedence (I think anyone from California can understand this...) 

The first night, was to be totally honest, pretty miserable (as far as weather conditions go). It was SO WINDY, that we were not able to keep anything outside from blowing away. So we cooked dinner as quickly as possible, hopped in one of our bigger tents, and hung out until it was finally time to go to bed. Apparently the wind in this area is very common, so be prepared for this when you go. The wind surfers were probably the only ones who were excited about this weather... I was just thankful it was just the wind, and no rain.

The next day was much better, and I was thankful we enjoyed a perfect sunset, for the most part wind free. It was glorious.