is it too much to say i'm death valley obsessed / 11.7.15-11.9.15

Death Valley wasn't really what I was expecting, it was better. First off, this was my first trip camping without my boyfriend, leading the way (or trying), with my two girlfriends. To sum it up, it turned out great and I felt accomplished. Second off, for some reason I thought Death Valley would be super flat, no color, and lots of spiders. I was so, so wrong. The rock formations surprised me, as we drove in late Friday night, I saw these huge dark forms, and I was so confused, thinking, could these really be huge boulders? 

We drove into Texas Springs Campground, nearing 3AM, and I drove as quietly as I possibly could through the campground, praying for a spot (it's first come first serve). Towards the end of the campground, behold, a little spot there just for us. I could have yelled and screamed from happiness to the desert Gods, but it was too early in the morning, and I was exhausted. We set up our tent, and passed out- excited to wake up and explore the famous Death Valley National Park.

The next morning when we woke up, I was stoked to see we were surrounded by huge, rocky formations. Our first stop on our list, were the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes. They were just as you would imagine, pretty sandy. I took off my shoes and enjoyed the softness of the sand under my feet, taking in every second. 

As we drove to Rhyolite Ghost Town, we saw this cool, salty situation in the distance on the side of the road. We decided to pull over and explore, this random mass of salt- The ghost town was way cooler than I thought, this was something I wasn't super excited to check out, but it ended up being one of my favorite things we explored on the trip. These old, abandoned buildings, were super creepy- and there were wild donkeys on the grounds of the ghost town, which we fully avoided (I guess I'm scared of donkeys now?). Before the end of the day, we drove uphill for a while, to Dante's View. You better have a trusty car for this trip, because the drive uphill is pretty intense to get to the lookout, (which was amazing), duh. 

The next morning, before heading out, we explored Golden Canyon. The canyon was amazing to hike through, with huge rock formations that are so unbelievable, and are impossible to catch the majesty of in photos (if you wanna check out more on Golden Canyon, watch Star Wars, this is where some of the scenes were filmed apparently!) 

Before driving home, we headed to the salt flats in Badwater Basin. Let me just say, a huge piece of land covered in salt, is definitely worth seeing. It was kind of weird timing, because the week before we got there, a lot of rain and flash flooding hit death valley- and the salt soaked up all that water. Every time we walked on the salt floor, it cracked a little, and mud would ooze out, all over my shoes, yikes. I loved watching these two older women: dressed in their nice clothes and boots. They took off their boots, and were walking barefoot to avoid getting their shoes dirty- now that's the way to do it. This just reminded me, life is precious, nature is amazing; and everyone deserves to experience it- no matter how fancy your boots are.