i'll have...the central coast for my birthday, thanks, part 3 / 7.12.15

Last full day in Big Sur, spent floating in the freezing cold Big Sur River Gorge, and camping in the MOST EPIC spot, ever. 

So, my newest obsession is trying to find swimming holes, but I have realized by finding many, the term "swimming hole" is not always very clearly defined. The swimming hole in the Big Sur River Gorge, definitely lives up to what my definition of swimming hole SHOULD be. You enter the hike to the swimming hole through Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, and walk through the campsites to get to the path. The path isn't clearly defined, which is why it's super fun, I love romping around on rocks through the river. We reached the swimming hole, ate our sandwiches, and just sunned on the warm granite rocks like little lizards. The water was crazy cold, but felt so good- for some reason I do better swimming in water without waves- which is why I love swimming holes so much- there is a calmness and tranquility to them. 

Okay, our final night camping spot, was off the same road from my previous post, but we were able to get THE PRIME SPOT, the first pull out off the road. The awesome thing about being on the first pull out, means we were able to walk down to the beach, and still enjoy the day. We followed a private trail through the Kirk Creek Campground, down to the beach, squeezing out every single moment we had, with as much beach time as possible. We ended the night watching the electric colored sunset, and crying ourselves to sleep because we had to leave the next morning (ok, not really, but, we were really really really sad to go). 

The next morning, right before we left, we decided to check out Ragged Point- again, squeezing out as much beach time as possible. It was a beautiful last hoorah before we had the very long, very beautiful, and also very sad, car ride home.