i'll have...the central coast for my birthday, thanks, part 2 / 7.11.15

Second day on my birthday vacay was spent going to the most beautiful state park in the world, no big deal. Well, one of the most beautiful, there are after all, lots to choose from. Also spending some time staring at seals, at Point Lobos State Reserve

Point Lobos State Reserve is so so so so pretty. When you start the hike, it takes you through lots of trees dripping with moss, and ends with seals sunning on rocks.  Actually, for some reason, the seals were the highlight of this hike for me. I just love watching them; like, how can an animal without arms and legs get around?! They just kinda hop and flop, and flutter their little flippers (that is a really weird sentence)... It fascinates me, they are amazing creatures, and also so adorable. Okay, enough about the seals, onto more nature, and stuff. 

Garrapata State Park is somewhere I have always wanted to go, and finally got the chance! And Ian's exact words were, "this has gotta be the most beautiful beach in the world..right?". So, YOU SHOULD GO NOW. We discovered some scary little caves, which were actually awesome, and eerie, and dark. I know, awesome and eerie don't really equate, but sometimes my mind is strange. 

We ended the night with the most EPIC CAMPING SPOT ever. I just starting saying that word, I had to use it this whole trip because no other words were adequate enough to describe everything we saw, and experienced. ANYWAYS...If you're brave enough to camp on the side of the road, with no restrooms, do this. Best sleeping / camping / waking up view ever. So in case you were wondering, day 2. was. epic.