horse flats is not just for horses / 6.13 & 6.14.15

So, I was asking Ian all weekend, why is this place called Horse Flats? There are no horses anywhere, and I'm sorely disappointed (not like I was really expecting a lot of horses in the San Gabriel Mountains, just sayin' IS CALLED HORSE FLATS, so...). After a bit of research, I found out that Horse Flats was a place bandits would come and hide their stolen horses- camping in a place with a strange history like this makes it even more exciting and interesting, right?! And I was itching to get away and camp this weekend, so a place just an hour outside of LA sounded perfect to me. 

Mostly, I loved the accessibility of this place. I feel like, without fail, you could still show up on Saturday morning and find a spot at this campground. It isn't super packed, and it's a nice and easy little spot to get to- unless you're a spaz like me who needs directions from your phone to get to any location, and panic trying to decipher any written directions. Anyway...I survived, obviously. 

The camping spot was great because it was shaded with lots of trees, especially because it was a pretty hot weekend. And the hike we took to the top of the mountain, made me feel REAL out of shape. I was thinking, maybe I'm just gasping for breathe because of the elevation change, right? Yeah...we will just go with that- not the out of shape thing. I mean, I wolfed down a breakfast burrito right before the should feel light as air climbing up the super steep hill? Good thinking Jessica. Whatever, bacon is usually, always, worth it. Anyway, the weather made for a lovely weekend, and a much needed breathe of fresh air. I know by now, camping. is always. a good idea.