homer, alaska is magical / 8.26.16-8.28.16

We spent a lot of time in the city of Homer, in Alaska. Ian and I absolutely fell in love with this coastal town, the community of it, as well as the shops and restaurants surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Homer is the kind of place that you never forget, there is a majesty to it, that can't be explained unless you visit yourself. 

We took the (very expensive) ferry, over to Grewingk Glacier. This glacier has a trail that leads to it, as well as camping options at the base of the glacial lake. We spent a couple days spending the night here, enjoying the beauty of the glacier, and Brig enjoyed eating the glacial ice that floated in the lake. It was an adventure I would definitely recommend if you have the funds. We wanted to go to Halibut Cove as well; however this area is private property, and is harder to get to. Also, we couldn't really afford to continue to take these expensive ferry rides across the way. 

The city of Homer is freaking adorable.

We treated ourselves to a nice dinner (which we rarely do living van life)- and it was soooo worth it. We ate at Fresh Catch in Homer, starting with the goat cheese seafood dip, and I had the blackened halibut as a main dish. BEST HALIBUT OF MY LIFE. We explored the stores of Homer as well, enjoying being touristy and talking to all the incredibly friendly locals.

This was one of our favorite stops along our trip, and I would recommend this little gem in Alaska, for everyone to visit.