highlights of olympic national park / 7.21.16

So, once we get to national parks we try to spend more time relaxing, than driving. The first night we stayed at South Beach Campground (which is only open in the summer). It was a pretty nice campground, very close to the beach. We paid 15 dollars, which seemed like kind of a lot considering it had no potable water- but when you’re traveling to a national this is kind of expected. 

Our next stop was Hoh Rainforest which was my most looking forward to stop on the trip. We did the short hike, Hall of Mosses,  (.8miles loop total) that starts at the Visitor Center in the park. It was very beautiful, and highly recommended. Unfortunately, they don’t allow dogs on the trail which was a huge bummer, but we enjoyed taking in the mossy trees. The only thing I think that would have been better, was if we went really early in the morning- when the sun isn’t so bright, it would have made for better pictures. But other than that, the hike and the campgrounds are both spots I would recommend in the future. 

The Hoh Campground was 20 dollars, first come first serve, and nice because it was right next to the beautiful river, where the freezing cold water was super blue. We saw wild elk lounging by the river which was neat. 

Soleduck Falls was our last day in this area, and was a short hike out to the falls (.8 miles). And unfortunately, another trail that they don’t allow dogs. The weather and lighting was perfect though,  and the mossy green goodness was captured beautifully in the pictures from the day. It still amazes me how everything can be so green and lush- being from California, I’m used to hiking in very dry and areas lacking in water.

The falls were gorgeous, and I’m glad we made the short hike out to see them- this is definitely a hike I would recommend for anyone.