"hey, let's take cheesy photos jumping in front of the hollywood sign" / 10.11.15

This was a fun hiking day, kind of. Again, it was way too hot in LA, and it's October- COME ON MOTHER NATURE, give us a break here! My friend Anna and I decided to be super touristy and do the hike to the Hollywood Sign- let me just say, we got cheesy pictures of us jumping in front of the sign-so, it was obviously worth it. 

The parking situation is kind of confusing, all the directions told me I could park right next to where the hike starts by the horse ranch- this was false information. We parked off of N. Beachwood Drive in Hollywoodland, which I didn't even know was a thing. Turns out it is a thing, it's an adorable neighborhood- in fact- with houses that look like miniature castles. It was kind of unbelievable, in a good way. Anyways- that's where we parked, you just need to make sure you read the street signs very well- and don't park in an area that says permit only. You then walk up N. Beachwood, past the sign for the Horse Ranch, and you start the trail. 

The hiking was fun and all- besides the heat of course. The views of downtown are really nice, and you feel super accomplished when you get to the end of the hike! WARNING ON THE WAY BACK: there aren't signs telling you which trail is which, and me and my friend ended up moseying back on the wrong path we took up- which meant we ended up lost, 3 miles east of where we parked our car. So, unless you want to call an Uber to take you back to your car, pay attention to where you're walkin'. Oops...

After this whole getting lost business, we were dehydrated and STARVING. We grabbed the most refreshing drinks on earth, at Beachwood Cafe (Spiked Basil Lemonade), and took in the surroundings of this quaint cafe that reminded me of It's a Small World. Successful hiking days always end in sipping spiked lemonade, right? I think, yes.