getting to the jim morrison cave in malibu / 8.23.15

So...this was definitely an adventure because we weren't 100% sure how to get to this cave...and I'm going to try to give the most thorough instructions possible on how to find the cave, BUT, you will probably, most likely, get lost trying to find it. Accept it, love it, and enjoy the confusion as you search for this awesomely crazy bright pink cave- it's all part of going somewhere new. 

Before heading to the cave, we started the morning with a delicious breakfast at Malibu Farm Pier Cafe.  There are two options for Malibu Farm, this one (at the end of the pier) is the more relaxed, wearing yoga pants and no makeup, kinda vibe. I ordered this life changing breakfast sandwich and latte, while watching people fish outside off the pier. 
We then headed up PCH, ready for the start of our exciting hiking adventure! Now, if you skimmed through my blog post just to find the directions to get to the worries...HERE IS HOW YOU GET TO THE JIM MORRISON CAVE!!!!!!!! (was that obvious enough?): 

Turn onto Corral Canyon Road  near the 76 station, and drive all the way up, until the paved road ends in a dirt road, leading to a parking lot. You don't need a permit to park here, and it's free, yay! Now this was probably the most confusing part of them all, because there are two trail options. Take the trail that IS NOT MARKED, or also the one that you see everyone walking from or to. The trail starts with a lot of sandstone rocks, if there are flat sandstone rocks at your feet, you're going the right way. It's quite a while until you get to the cave, you will pass lots of beautiful rock formations, and on a hot day there is no relief from the sun- bring water!
So the cave itself is not obvious, but there is a trail that's cut from the brush to get to the cave. The easiest way to figure out where it is, if you have reached the swirly curvy rock thing on the ground, you've gone too far. Go back to the rock you just passed on the valley side, with graffiti on top of it. The cave is inside there...which is not obvious at all. Also, asking around really helps, because I can guarantee almost everyone else walking on the trail is trying to find the same thing as you! 

Once you find the entrance to the cave, there is a sign that says you can't enter...which I think someone just put there to be funny..? Not really sure, but everyone moves past the post through the "birth canal"- yeah this sounds gross, but you will get it once you're there- it's pretty obvious. It's a small tunnel that you've gotta squeeze through, then you come out the other side into this beautiful, colorful cave (the rumor is Jim Morrison from The Doors would come out to this cave to escape the craziness of LA, and supposedly wrote some of his lyrics in here). Who knows if this is really's just a cool interesting place to go and explore!
New artwork is always being created in this cave, in fact, my friend Nicole was laying down in the cave, and leaned back right on a wet painting of a little curvy swirly thing, and it perfectly stamped onto her shoulder (so be careful where you lay!). This was one of my favorite LA adventures so far, and if you're down for a little adventure, this is the perfect place to check out.