farm life in homer, alaska / 8.29.16-9.05.16

Because one part just isn't enough, we spent another week in Homer WWOOFing for a women's Peony Farm called Scenic Place Peonies. This truly was a life changing experience for both Ian and I, as we continue our lives with the ultimate goal of starting an organic farm for ourselves. Let me also mention, if you told me months ago in the future I would want to live on my own farm, I would have thought you were crazy- but this is why I decided to live this adventure called van life- to be able to open my eyes to other ways of living, and embrace change without as much fear and anxiety.

Scenic Place Peonies is a magical place, just like Homer. 

Beth Van Sandt is a superwoman, running a business as well as a family, and taking care of her WWOOFers as if we were her own kids. She truly inspired me, as an independent woman, as well as one with family in mind. We spent our time with Beth, learning about pulling potatoes, tending to peonies and vegetables, and soaking in all the knowledge we possibly could in the time we had. She offered us fresh food from the garden, free range chicken, and freshly caught halibut- this was definitely the best we ate our entire time living on the road. 

There is something hugely cathartic, about picking things from a garden, knowing where they come from, and making a simple but inspiring meal with them. Even the simple act of making you own bread, is so rewarding at the end of the day. We really enjoyed the aspect of cooking straight from the farm to table, and loving every minute of it. 

We didn't want to leave this magical place- but after a lesson in how to sell your goods at the local farmers market- it was time to hit the road yet again.

Ian and I will forever be inspired by the woman who does it all, and seems to pull it off without a hitch. We are both so lucky to have met people like this on the road, and love the relationships traveling has brought to us.