faria beach camping / 5.15.16-5.16.16

If you are planning on camping at Faria Beach in Ventura, CA- get ready for some pretty strict rules and regulations...Little did we know, when you leave your site, even if you already paid for it, you do not have the site reserved unless there is a van/motorhome/or tent placed there when you're gone (which wasn't clearly stated anywhere, so we didn't know this). When we left to surf, and came back to our spot, someone had taken it, and let us know you need one of the above in order to reserve the spot. We were pretty upset, but were able to find another spot. Just make sure if you're camping here, you are aware of the rules (ticketing is also strictly enforced). 

The rest of our trip was great- we had just gotten married, and the relaxing vibe of the beach was just what we needed after some wedding craziness. Faria is a first come, first serve park.
The park includes flushing toilets, running water, and beach front views (which is why it's a bit more expensive as far as camping goes, at $36 dollars a night). But it is worth it! It ended up being a great, relaxing couple of days.