meeting emily henderson / 2.27.15

This day made my heart so happy, because there were so many things I loved jam packed in one morning. 

1. Cool Space

Unique USA  hosted a Pep Rally in the morning, at the Unique Space in the Arts District in Los Angeles.  The outside of the building is covered in a vibrant mural by Hueman and the interior is covered in brick and Joshua Tree Wallpaper (which obviously means it wins). 

2. Cool People with inspiring words

I'm an interior designer, so of course I gain insight and inspiration from other interior designers and creatives in general. Emily Henderson  spoke at this Unique Pep Rally, and for someone so well known in the design community, I was surprised to see how human she was. You know what I mean by human, right? Like, totally not fake. She was genuine, inspiring, and adorable. I don't know her, but I love her. Another woman who was there, who you just wanna yell GIRL POWER at and throw up your fist in a energetic punch to the sky, was Sonja Rasula. The mastermind behind Unique USA, Rasula is a huge inspiration to me, and should be to all women out there. I love the voice she expresses through her brand, and how it has branched out to promote independent business owners, creatives, and just straight up lovers of life.

3. Just, cool

Like I said before, everything about this morning was awesome, and if you are a woman trying to make a name for herself, like I am, pay attention to what these people are doing and participate! Maybe I will meet you at another awesome Pep Rally in the future!