echo park rising / 8.15.15 music and yummy beer on a summer night with good friends, sound fun at all? The correct answer is YES. Echo Park Rising is an awesome weekend venue in the grungy, hip, and awesome Echo Park. I am falling more and more in love with this area in LA, even though the hipster population is, well, all the people: and when free music calls, hipsters come in swarms. 

We ate TWO SLICES at Two Boots, which was definitely totally necessary- after listening to a cool band (sorry..totally didn't pay attention to the band name), and then walked on over to the main stage. This night was kind of just a mix of confusion, laughing, and not really knowing what to expect from this festival- and naturally it was lots of fun. Mostly I enjoyed spending my time hipster watching, and listening to new music. NEVER SAY NO TO HIPSTER WATCHING.