a day in manila, philippines / 4.21.15

So obviously...my posts aren't usually in the Philippines. But the last couple weeks, I was lucky enough to get the chance to travel to the Philippines for work, and we had time to explore the city. I've been all over Europe, but never to an Asian country, so I was super excited and thankful to be given this opportunity. 

The biggest thing I took away from this week and a half trip, was how thankful I am for everything I have. Unfortunately, there is a lot of poverty in the Philippines and the country does not have the resources or money to keep their country up the way it should. This is something I hadn't seen or experienced before in person, and being immersed in the way people live there is humbling. Humbling because: although the people don't have the luxuries many do in other countries, you would never know it by their attitude. They are the kindest, and most hospitable people I have yet to come across. THIS IS WHY I LOVE GOING TO NEW PLACES. Going to new places changes you...I'm not saying you need to go to the Philippines to see things differently, but reaching out of your comfort zone is the best way to grow, and change, and gain those layers of knowledge you wouldn't otherwise. 

SORRY, passionate rant over...anyway...the first day we arrived, I was ready to go! We explored Intramuros, which is the oldest area in the city of Manila. It was blistering hot (it was 90 degrees but felt like 110 because of the humidity, yeah fun times). Also, traffic is CRAZY in Manila. Meaning, the lines on the freeway are just suggestions and the Jeepnees (main mode of transportation for Filipinos) will most likely, probably, definitely, run you over if you don't move fast enough. BUT the exploration was totally worth it, as it always is.