climbing in san diego / 7.19.15

So, since my whole Big Sur amazingly perfect birthday extravaganza, our weekends have been pretty mellow, this one included. I WILL say, it was nice to explore Escondido, where I'm from, and fun to realize there is climbing right around the corner from the house I grew up.

This weekend there happened to be crazy thunder / lightning storms in the LA and San Diego area, so we weren't sure if we would be able to make it before the rain struck. It's crazy to think that just 4 hours after these pictures were taken, it was POURING RAIN as we drove back up to Long Beach. Anyways, Dixon Lake was a nice little area to get a quick hike and climbing sesh in, on a Sunday morning. The area where we climbed, was unfortunately covered with lots of graffiti, but it was a good little workout, and a beautiful view. 

I love seeing places I've known my whole life, in a different way, and with a whole new perspective. And this climbing trip just reminded me, there are cool and new places to go everywhere, you just gotta dig a little.