exploring chugach national forest and the seward highway / 8.21.16-8.25.16

This was the kind of Alaska we were waiting for. After we came back from Denali, we felt a little defeated, and really wanted to experience the amazingness that is Alaska. Well, we got it with Chugach National Forest and the drive through Seward. We were pleasantly surprised, with this area of Alaska that isn't talked about enough.

Our first stop along Seward Highway, was Primrose Campground- the goal: pick blueberries. We had seen so many people coming out of the forest with huge buckets of blueberries, and we wanted to know where they were coming from, and we wanted to be a part of it! So we hiked into Primrose Trail, and soon realized there were bushes of blueberries far into the trail. We picked until our little bucket was full, and Brig had fun chomping at the berry bushes and having a little treat himself. This was a beautiful hike- filled with so many different kinds of mushrooms that we've never seen before, it was like we were in a fairy book land, it was kind of unreal.

Primrose Campground is also near the beautiful Kenai Lake, so were able to explore the lake and take some pictures once the rain finally stopped! 

Another hike we went for was also a part of Chugach National Forest, the hike to Crescent Lake. This hike was so incredibly beautiful- although muddy, it felt like we were in the rainforest. The ferns, abundance of greenery, and lushness of this trail really made us feel like we were somewhere other than Alaska. And the nice thing about national forest, is that you can take your dogs on the trails with you! 

We also stopped along the way at Exit Glacier, which was the best glacier we had visited thus far. Because of all the glacier melt happening, it has been rare we have seen so far a glacier so blue. This glacier was sooooo beautiful; even though we had to hike through the rain to get here, it was so worth it.

So overall, this area of Alaska was the best ever. We really enjoyed our time in the Chugach National Forest, as well as driving through Seward which is a cute little town that is sooooooo worth stopping at.