chorro grande trail in ojai / 12.27.15

Today's goal was to not only burn off some of those Christmas cookies; but to find snow. To our disappointment (well, mostly mine), there was very little snow; but it was still a beautiful and challenging hike. 

To get to the Chorro Grande Trail, from Ojai you go a little over 25 miles on Highway 33 until you see the trail sign on the side of the road. You can turn off here, and park on the side of the highway. The hike is moderate I would say- a lot of uphill and downhill, and slippery rocks to walk over and around. It appeared that a fire had just wiped out a bunch of vegetation- which made it eerie, but kinda cool at the same time. I kinda felt like we were on Mars, and we were the only people left or something. Basically- Ojai never disappoints with the good hiking trails.