celebrating the new year in baja / 12.30.16- 1.03.16

We spent 10 hours driving down to Baja Norte, from San Clemente. I stuffed myself into the back of the truck, and loved every minute of it, knowing our final destination would be awesome. Mexico can be scary, but if you go with the right people- it feels safe. We drove down dirt roads, paved roads, and sand dunes, to get to our eventual camping spot(s), and it was so worth all of it in the end. If you're planning on going down to Baja to camp- this is what I have to say to all the people out there who don't surf, and are scared to go Mexico.

Go with people you trust. This is KEY. Thankfully, I have a couple friend, and a couple of friends- (both apply...) who have been to Mexico many times and know what they're doing. If you're planning on driving to Mexico, and not flying, it's important to be with a big group, and all people you can rely on. Another thing is- go with the flow. As we all know, things happen. We got a flat tire, right before the celebratory moment after a long day of driving, and arriving upon a campsite. That was a bummer. But thank goodness we had a spare, and a lot of people to lend a helping hand. Going with a huge group of people- power in numbers- thats a real thing- I believe in that. Also, be ready for no reception- so you better know where you're going, yay.

After we decided on a campsite that night, the following day I decided I was going to attempt to surf. Well- the first attempt was more of me turning into a crying blubbering mess, for no reason whatsoever (fear can do that to a person). I'm not scared of surfing, I'm kinda just scared of ocean waves, and ya know, surfing + the ocean are kinda a packaged deal. So. I am proud to say, I somewhat got over my fear- that is after I made the choice to try surfing (very awkwardly), on another day when the waves weren't so big. 
We also came across a fisherman who had just caught 8 lobster, like, right then, and he sold us the lobster for about $50 (CRAZY). That night I had the most amazing lobster tacos of my life, no really though. The thing about this trip was, we went with people who KNOW HOW TO COOK. I didn't feel like I was camping, I ate better than I do at home in my own kitchen. I mean, we had freakin' deviled eggs, DEVILED EGGS CAMPING, so crazy amazing. 

We camped at two different spots- both equally beautiful, but in different ways. The first, was an area called Seven Sisters- a beautiful surf spot with sandy beaches and waves for days. The second, is referred to as "the wall". It's a cool spot where this guy built rock arches, and tables to define the areas to camp. Both take dirt roads to get to, and both are so worth the journey, if you're up for it. 
This was another great New Year, spent going somewhere new. Also, this video makes me nostalgic, and happy, and sad, and missing Mexico.