camping in anza borrego / 2.12.16-2.14.16

We decided to spend Valentine's Day weekend in the desert, and it was our first time visiting Anza Borrego. The best thing about Borrego, besides the beautiful rock formations and off roading, is the easy to access, free camping. We spent a couple days camping in Fish Creek, and off roading around the desert. You NEED a 4WD vehicle, to get around here easily. 

We stopped in town for gas, and I took a few snaps of the cute retro signage, before our drive into the desert. It was the perfect weekend for camping, the weather wasn't too hot, and not super busy because of the time of year. Before finding Fish Creek campground, we stopped to boulder, and eat some lunch in Culp Valley. I am soooooooo obsessed with desert landscapes, the drive into Anza Borrego was a beautiful one. Before heading to to your main points of interest, stop at the Visitor's center to grab a map; this always help to locate the spots you want to see, and the employees will provide you with the fastest route to get there.  

One of the most beautiful views in this area, was Font's Point. I wish we would have gone at sunset, because this is A PRIME SUNSET VIEW WATCHING LOCATION. Font's point gives you a great, 360 view, of the Borrego Badlands. The other two areas we made sure to check out, were the Wind Caves, and the Slot.

It is about a 1 mile hike out to the Wind Caves, and I recommend wearing a huge hat and bringing lots of water on a hot day; because there is no shade along this route whatsoever. But, the Wind Caves is a great area for photographers, and kids- all the little caves makes for really cool framing in photos- and kids go crazy for all the cool niches within the rocks, running in and out of all the different areas. 

Slot Canyon, is the area of Anza that I really was looking forward to checking out. Once you pull up to the area to start the hike in, there was some confusion as to what direction we should start walking; just know- go down, don't go up. The fastest route; to be able to actually hike through the Canyon, is heading down the step past "the Slot" signage- not up the hill (this is what we originally did, and then quickly realized we were not in a canyon, we were on top of a hill). Navigating through the slot is pretty easy once you're inside, and you can stop at any time and head back. It isn't as much fun when there are more people inside, you kinda have to wait for people to pass, because there are lots of "one way passes". But besides this, the slot was everything I thought it would be, and more. 

The remaining time on our trip, was spent lazying around our campground, and off roading around Fish Creek Wash. I think Ian had more fun than I did, considering I was the passenger and he was the driver. But driving through the huge canyon, was such a memorable and beautiful experience- when you're in a canyon that is so much bigger than you are; you are truly reminded of how small one person is; and how crazy magic nature is. 

Before leaving, our last day, we drove out to the Desert Gardens, which is a great day spot to have a picnic- it also seems like a really cool spot to camp for a night because it is so removed from the road. We attempted to get here at sunrise, but our tired eyes wanted to sleep for a bit longer so we got there when the sun was super bright. The garden still made for really cool photos, and a great spot of solace before our long drive home.