another ojai hike / 10.24.15

First of all, let me just say, finding the start of this hike wasn't easy. It took us a while to find the start of Horn Canyon Trail, which isn't unusual for me unfortunately. In order to get to the start of the trail, you need to park at Thatcher School, and if you're facing the school, you're going to walk right until you see some white gates and the sign that signifies Horn Canyon Trail. Also, if you spot anyone on the school campus, ask them- they will probably know which direction to point you to. 

This morning was one of the first to really begin to feel like fall. We went fairly early, so the hills were dark and the skies were bright (which makes for awesome dark and brooding photos). We had a great time exploring the hills of Ojai, and taking in some fresh mountain air. The hike was fairly moderate- and mostly uphill. I recommend this hike for Ojai Natives, and anyone wanting sweeping views of beautiful, green covered mountains.