and then there were bear tracks / 9.7.15

We spent the holiday weekend in the Ojai area, taking day trips to Santa Barbara and Ventura. Our last day before going back to work was spent on this hike, and little unexpected pockets of aqua blue water popped up along the way. And when water calls, you answer. 

Well, Ian answered by taking a dip. I sat on the shore and took pictures- the murkiness underneath kind of freaked me out, but the temperature felt amazing. The Potrero John Trail overall was pretty easy, and the water along the way helps you cool down on a hot summer day like this one. It looked as if a thunderstorm had just come in, because everything was covered in mud- but not thick gross mud- beautiful, pale, clay-like mud. When it dried and cracked beneath my feet, I felt like I was in Jurassic Park or something. The mud holds the imprint of tracks well, and towards the end of the hike we noticed some bear tracks near the river- so when this happened, I was cool with NOT CONTINUING ON. Or more like insisting on NOT CONTINUING ON.

The bear tracks brought me to a halt- good thing we had already hiked for a while until we saw these. But of course the rest of the time, anything that was moving or made sound around us startled me,  my eyes were super darty and I couldn't really get the whole bear attacking me thing out of my head (super darty eyes by the way, not a good look). But the hike was beautiful, and easy enough to just get out for the morning and come back home. It was a great end to our holiday weekend.