a day on a boat / well / a rowboat / 11.28.15

The thing that I like most about this whole go somewhere new thing, is making the people I love most go to new places with me. I also love forcing my sister to go outside and do things that don't involve her iPad or phone, after all, what else are big sisters for. So our Dad took us to Lake Wohlford to go on a little boat ride around the very small lake, which he thought was going to happen in an electric boat. 

That didn't happen, why would we take an electric boat? Way too easy. Em and I convinced him to rent a row boat- he did this under the condition of course, that we row the whole time. He wasn't convinced we would be able to do it, but we made it the entire time (and now we are basically professional rowers, duh). It was nice and relaxing, of course after I got the whole rowing situation down- it took me a while, and my sister was way better at it than I was (again, duh). But it was super entertaining, and funny to try rowing around this lake. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a little arm work out, and a good laugh.