a day of magic in rancho palos verdes / 11.21.15

This day started with a hike, and ended with climbing on slippery rocks at the beach during sunset. It was one of those days that still felt like summer, we loved every minute of it...until the sun set at 5PM, and our day was over quickly.

Mid-morning, we went for a hike at Del Cerro Park (as part of the Portuguese Nature Bend), in Rancho Palos Verdes. We kind of just, hiked as far as we wanted- I mostly just wanted to go to the beach later, so the hike was just a distraction until sunset. It was nice though, we got a little workout in before our fun adventures at the beach. This hike is moderate I would say, a lot of uphill and downhill- we just stopped when we felt like it, and walked back to the car when we were done. Also, the views were really nice- you could see the ocean pretty much the entire time, but we never reached it (which was a little deceiving). 

Once we were done with the hike, we drove down to Abalone Cove- which is an area I have heard a lot about before, but had not yet been able to check out. We were able to explore the tide pools a bit, and relax on some rocks before the sun went down.

When the tide was low enough, we climbed over some rocks in front of a cave, to get to the tide pools- and poked the sea anemones under the water. MAKE SURE THE TIDE IS LOW ENOUGH, when you are crossing the water, it can get a little dicey if you have electronics in your pockets, and the water rushes in when you are crossing (needless to say, my yoga pants got soaking wet). ALSO, I highly recommend water shoes..our little feet were in pain as we walked across the dried crabs, and climbed the sharp rocks- it would have been a lot easier if we had water shoes on (note to self). Besides that, our day of adventures ended in watching a sunset on the beach, which always makes me feel like I had a super satisfying, and magical day.