eating fruit in tagaytay, philippines / 4.25.15

THIS WAS THE BEST DAY EVER. Tagaytay is an amazing little city in the Philippines that is full of fruit stands, lush pineapple fields, and greenery EVERYWHERE.

Just driving through this city is enjoyable, but if you have time, stay longer! We drove up to a lookout point to see the volcano within Taal Lake, that is still active (yikes), but beautiful! We also stopped at the fruit stands, and tried some fruit that we had never seen before: Langka (Jack Fruit), and Mangosteen. But more importantly, THE MANGO. I didn't realize until I was 3 mangoes in...that I had actually just eaten 3 mangoes. That's how good it is in the Philippines! We also stopped at a local famous bakery Rowena's  (similar to Porto's in LA). It was a beautiful day full of local indulgences and experiences.